Saturday, December 12, 2009

what red balloons signify

copied and pasted from various sources

99 Red Balloons by Keegan Jones.

Letting go in memory of a child
The loving thoughts and message of a loved one.
A very sad provocation of a child who had passed this life.
That the dreams were still undone, but the message was on the string of a red balloon..
The heart of a child..that symbolizes the red balloon.

the song... 99 red balloons... meaning freedom.. letting go of the bad and letting in the good


A red balloon is round when filled and flat when empty.
A red balloon is often filled with exhaled air or with helium.
A red balloon is colored red (reflecting red light frequencies).
A red balloon is made of rubber.
A red balloon is knotted where the air goes in to keep the air from escaping.
A red balloon is often connected by a string at the knot.
A red balloon is light as a feather and may float.
A red balloon is temporary as it can pop and will eventually lose air.
A red balloon is something I can probably afford.
A red balloon is basically useless except as decoration.
A red balloon is something signifying a celebration.


The "red balloon" - signifies how fragile love and happiness can be - especially the ease with which it is burst.

Now imagine your fingers holding a string attached to a red balloon. u r holding the string tightly. this red balloon signify people/ circumstances giving u hard time/ stress. u may need 4, 5, or ten red balloons in ur situation.
7.As you name each balloon(as per the persons/ circumstances which embarrass/incite feelings of bitterness/hatred,negative felings,etc), let the string go free. u r now letting go of, relinquishing (releasing/ forgiving/ forgetting what is behind to move ahead in life) that situation so that the person/circumstances(past/present/future worries) does not have a hold/control on u anymore.
8.Repeat the same for all the red balloons in your hands.As u let go each one, breathe out and bless them wherever they r and say a simple prayer of thanks that all is well now; getting better. Most importantly, u take back control of all situations in your life(above n over circumstances& not under the circumstances!)

The color red is usually seen in dream interpretation as either a warning sign, or a representation of passion or strong feelings. Balloons represent either childhood or your hopes, especially of love.

Interpretation 1: You have let go of some childish ways, you are growing up and quickly. The childish things you once held close, seem unimportant to what you've discovered recently.

Interpretation 2: You have decided to end a relationship that once made you hope for love. You worry that you have let go of your feelings too quickly.

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  1. Im on here looking for answers as today my wife and i were cleaning out an apartment that only took us 15 minutes.
    As we drove up to the apartment, parked on the side of the road, a red balloon blew down the road from behind us (no wind out today either) and went on a few yards ahead of our ford escape and stopped in the middle of the road and started slowing blowing toward our vehicle and went under it. The crazy thing is some of what im reading on here coincides with what we were talking about last night.

    1. God uses red balloons. 3 times on me.
      1. When I was fatally ill He blew a red heart shaped balloon into my front yard.
      2. When I was at my moms music school cleaning up after the day. A child had drawn a single red balloon on a piece of paper and left it and I found it.
      3. I was just watching Doctor Who and a small girl in the show was holding one.

      My friend had a vision of a red balloon. The next day there was one above his head in church when he happened to look up. It had gotten stuck at some point.

      I believe God uses it because He likes the symbol. I think the devil wants to pervert it aka It.

      I dont even question whether it means something anymore. Reading this description gave me chills. Ive been through traumatic brain illness and am having to leave the trauma behind and not let it control and rule my life. This applies perfectly to my life and to all the times God brought the red balloon into my life.

  2. I saw red balloons on my phone wall paper, then on few icons, and some searches that randomly news and paper magazine
    ..I called it synchronicity.

  3. I had a dream that I was raped. The next scene shows me sitting in a classroom with some bruises on my face when 2 girls also with bruises on their faces look directly at me with sadness; we all knew then that we were all victims. Last scene shows my rapist getting a handyman job in the house I live in. As he takes off his coat, he pulls out a black balloon and a red balloon and releases them in the house.

  4. my child passed away in a hospital that lacked compassion and proper care. me and my fiance seen a red balloon floating in the sky driving home,was wondering what this indication means???

  5. See the end of Nao’s video, “Another Liferime.”